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Language Courses for Teenagers 2017

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Dear Parents,

We have been organising quality supervised language courses for teenagers for over 20 years now, with top destinations in England, Ireland, Canada, Malta, Spain, France and Italy. Many of our language schools are situated in coastal towns. With us, your child will learn to speak a foreign language fluently. We specialise in helping young people prepare for their school-leaving exams or simply just boost their grades at school. Their language course abroad will lay the foundations for a successful future degree or an international career.

LISA! Language Courses for Teenagers stand out from the crowd because we welcome young people from all over the world, with offices and advisors in many different countries. On a language course with us, your child will get to know young people of his or her own age from all over Europe and the world. 

Please feel free to send us an email or give us a call (Tel: 01256 – 808212 or +44 01256 – 808212 from outside the UK). Together, we'll discuss your son or daughter, their interests and hobbies and their progress in language classes at school. What do they see themselves doing in the future?     Following our friendly chat, we will then send you one or more non-binding quotes along with detailed advice about which destination we feel would be right for your child. With our help, your son or daughter could be speaking one or more foreign languages fluently within the next couple of years!

Best wishes,

The LISA! Language Travel team

  • Sliema
    Teenagers English
    1199 $ / 2 Weeks
    English by the sea
  • Nice
    Teenagers French
    1789 $ / 2 Weeks
    15 to 21 years
  • Paris
    Teenagers French
    1999 $ / 2 Weeks
    12 to 17 years
  • Malaga
    Teenagers Spanish
    1429 $ / 2 Weeks
    13 to 17 years
  • Barcelona
    Teenagers Spanish
    1575 $ / 2 Weeks
    13 to 17 years
  • Cadiz
    Teenagers Spanish
    1645 $ / 2 Weeks
    13 to 17 years
  • Florence
    Teenagers Italian
    1585 $ / 2 Weeks
    14 to 17 years

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